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Modeling, analysis and development methodologies

The complexity of computer systems led more and more to the use of standard tools to support their specification, design and development. These tools are based, where possible, on standard methods and languages​​.

Ac6-training offers training on the most common modeling language UML (Unified Modeling Language); these courses are tailored to the industrial and embedded systems environment and the specific needs of real-time applications.

We also offer training on management tools for the software development process, as Eclipse.

You can see detailed course descriptions of the various trainings by using the above navigation bar. You can also click on course identifiers in the following course briefs hereafter.

Main Courses

Embedded systems are more and more critical and subject to safety constraints. This training introduces the main concepts and standards applicable to safety-critical systems.
Embedded systems are increasingly complex and therefore can no more be directly designed using existing schemes. One need to first create a detailed architecture to control and plan their development and integration appropriately. This course will help address these phases efficiently and avoid common pitfalls; it will explain you why Software Architecture is needed and how architecture processes can be implemented in an enterprise environment.

Additional Courses

Real-time and embedded code, especially targetting multicore processors, cannot be effectively tested; it must be validated before coding. This training help you master mutitask and real-time programming of multi-core processors, understanding how to effectively solve problems using the primitives provided by the underlying Operating System.