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Operating Systems
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ARM processors
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PowerPC processors
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Ac6 Formation
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ac6 Formation



Develop your skills on Embedded Systems with Ac6


Ac6 Training is proven partner of NXP and ST Microelectronics and member of teh ARM Community

This is the assurance accessing the latest technologies and mastering your project


For embedded systems, skills on both electronics and software are required

Ac6 provides a full range of services ranging from training to assistance and advice



Logo Linux

Operating systems

Linux :Creating an embedded Linux system with BuildRoot and Yocto

Drivers : Treats the techniques needed to write drivers Linux

QT (IHM graphique) : Installation and use of Qt to make embedded GUIs with Linux

Programmable Logic

FPGAs & ASICs : Programming VHDL

Processors (Generic) : Description of basic microprocessor concepts






Methods : Methods of analysis, modeling and development

Languages : Languages -Programming adapted to embedded and real-time

Real-Time : Programming and real-time multicore design

RTOS : Understanding FreeRtos architecture, services and applications




Architecture Processors


ARM Cores: Study of different architectures for Cortex A, M et R

ST MCU: Family STM32, Cortex M

NXP CPUs: Architectures QorIQ – LayerScape



The design of Eclipse-based development tools for Embedded requires a deep knowledge of CPUs and OSs

The exercises are made on target boards based on i. MX6 or i.MX8 CPUs from NXP

For open other families courses schedule, please consult our calendar